linelog csv quoting problem

Adamczak Krzysztof kradamcz at
Thu Jul 14 12:46:21 CEST 2016

Hey guys,

I've another question. I need csv accounting - I used linelog for
this. Basically I have:

linelog csv_acct_log {


Accounting-Request {
                Start =



It works great - the only problem is that I want to use double quotes
when there's attribute and don't use them when attribute is not
present. In CSV file it should like this
"07/14/2016","10:59:16","Interim","login at",,,"some other value"

The best solution would be to do it directly in linelog module - maybe
using conditional syntax? I tried it but I haven't succeed yet.
Otherwise I have to do it in unlang outside linelog.

I tried something like that:
but it doesn't allow me to introduce quoting.

Any ideas?


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