Version 3.0.11 Compile Errors

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jul 21 14:09:11 CEST 2016

On Jul 19, 2016, at 2:25 PM, Herwin Weststrate <herwin at> wrote:
> Not completely true, I'm getting the same error when trying the latest
> v3.0.x. It tries to compile src/modules/proto_dhcp/dhcpclient.c, which
> is basicly an executable wrapped within a big "#ifdef WITH_DHCP"
> statement.

  The better approach is to just skip src/modules/proto_dhcp if there's no DHCP.

> v3.1.x also fails: src/lib/dict.c tries to compare something with
> DHCP_MAGIC_VENDOR. This is defined in src/include/dhcp.h, and only
> included in this file in case dhcp is enabled.

  I've pushed a fix for that.

  Alan DeKok.

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