Module Failure Message

Laura Steynes laura.steynes72 at
Sat Jul 23 13:40:39 CEST 2016

Hi All,

I am seeing this in detail logs
     Module-Failure-Message = "Failed retrieving values required to
evaluate condition"

This is in response to authorize section entry:

       if (Calling-Station-Id =~ /^121.32/) {
                       update reply {
                                     Reply-Message := "Geographical Access

Hosts in that range do get the reject, but not the message, many google
posts/blogs all seem to point that my entry is correct, it is probably
something so obvious that I cant see the trees for the woods.

Secondly, I don't want to start a new thread just for this unrelated
question so, we have another regional ISP that can auth our customers on
their network talking to our radius, do I treat their radius as just
another local NAS? They nor us have ever does this before, and when our new
poP in yet a third region is built we will proxy to them (through
freeradius's proxy conf)

longish, maybe I should have started new thread, Sorry :)


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