Cisco-NAS-Port or Quintum-NAS-Port ignored

Nelson Naranjo - PLOTCOM nelson.naranjo at
Sat Jun 4 00:15:26 CEST 2016



I've been googling a lot about this problem but I can't find any answer:

I have Freeradius Version 2.1.10 (from Daloradius) only for accounting
from a Cisco and Quintum NAS. I need to storage at MySQL the attribute
NAS-Port.I do not need authentication. 

Freeradius receive an string like Quintum-NAS-port= "2 2/1/20" (or
Cisco-NAS-Port) but it says "NAS-Port not seen" 

How can I do for Server recognize the vendor prefix.? 

I simulate from NTRadPing by sending string with "NAS-Port = xxx" and
it's recognized fine but sending "Cisco-NAS-Port" it's not recognized.
(Not seen) 

Of course I have installed dictionaries Cisco and Quintum all from
default release of Daloradius. 

Thank you 



Nelson Naranjo

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