Authenticate with both Certificate and password

jan hugo prins jhp at
Mon Jun 6 14:52:50 CEST 2016


I have a freeradius server running for several realms and this works all
very nice.
I can do both user-name / password authentication from the users file.
I can do user-name / password authentication with MS-Chapv2 from OpenLDAP.
I can do certificate based authentication with a certificate signed by
the same CA and the radius servers.

But now I want to have something special in one realm, in this one realm
I want to do a combination for certificate authentication and MsChapv2
authentication. This to make sure the user has a valid certificate and
also knows a valid user-name / password.

Is this possible to configure in FreeRadius?
Is this possible in the variety of of WPA-Supplicants used (Apple, Linux
and Windows)
Is it possible to do this in just one realm?

If this is possible, could someone point me to some documentations that
describes this setup?

Thanks a lot,
Jan Hugo Prins

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