Config hints for providing list of groups in post-auth?

Mike Ely me at
Mon Jun 6 20:29:00 CEST 2016

Hello list:

I have a 3.0.4 machine successfully authenticating against Active 
Directory. For the use case I have in mind I'd like to have the 
Freeradius server add into post-auth something like:

Group-Name:= "Domain Users",
Group-Name+= "All Staff",

The idea here is that the NAS will be able to make its own decisions 
about what to grant based on group membership once radius has 
authenticated the user.

I can parse the group list easily enough from the shell, but don't know 
how to get this into post-auth. Also, is Group-Name the best choice here 
or should I be using another attribute?

Thanks greatly,

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