FR 3.0.11 \ ubuntu 16.04 winbind Active directory group validation issue.

Jean-Pierre Zurbr├╝gg jp.zurbrugg at
Wed Jun 8 21:24:07 CEST 2016

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly Alan.

>> In the DGP site's Post-Auth {} section I'm trying to validate the
>> 'Group' Attribute via the following IF statement:
>> if (Group == "ADLAB\\\\fw-wifi-access") {} which generates the
>> following line while debugging:
>> Failed resolving GID: No error
>   The "Group" attribute checks Unix groups.  If you've put in configuration to map Unix groups to Samba / AD, it should work.

Hmm, I mistakenly thought this info came from winbind. I executed
'groups aduserx' and received the groups the user is a member of,
including "fw-wifi-access" without a domain prefix.

'getent group is not returning the domain groups though.. I'm
currently trying to correct this. thanks for the tip!

>> While troubleshooting I changed the IF statement to: if (Group ==
>> "ADLAB\\fw-wifi-access") {}
>> and this time I no longer get the 'Failed resolving GID: No error'
>> entry but the IF statement
>> returns false instead of true (the AD user is a member of this group).
>   You've posted the debug output with four back-slashes, not the debug output with two backslashes.

True, here is the output for the two blackslashes:
getpwnam ADLAB\aduserx
getgrnam ADLAB\fw-wifi-access
child daemon request 59
msrpc_name_to_sid: name=ADLAB\FW-WIFI-ACCESS
name_to_sid [rpc] ADLAB\FW-WIFI-ACCESS for domain ADLAB
rpc_api_pipe: host dc01.digepres.local
rpc_write_send: data_to_write: 176
rpc_read_send: data_to_read: 208
Finished processing child request 59
child daemon request 59
Finished processing child request 59

>> I don't know what else to check in order to correct this problem. I'd
>> appreciate any tips given.
>   Upgrade to 3.0.11.
I'd like to clarify that I'm having these issues on the 3.0.11 build
running under Ubuntu 16.04. FR 3.0.4 is running fine on Ubuntu 14.04.


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