EAP-TLS and Windows 10 fails for wireless

Lucile Quirion lucile.quirion at savoirfairelinux.com
Fri Jun 10 21:35:33 CEST 2016

Thanks for your reply.
> Or install v3.1.x which is stable now! (except for bug fixes).
I've installed v3.1x and the problem resolved itself. 

The Wi-fi menu went through the following steps on Windows 10 laptop (the certificates are already installed and the wireless connection was manually added): 
* Choose a certificate [Ok] 
* Checking network requirements 
* Continue connecting ?
If you expect to find acksys in this location, go ahead and connect. Otherwise, it may be a different network with the same name. 
[Show certificate details] 
[Connect] [Cancel]
* Checking network requirements 
And the connection was established.

With freeradius v3.0.11, the menu would stuck at the first "Checking network requirement" for several minutes. 

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