rotating detail files

Jakob Hirsch jh at
Mon Jun 20 13:39:06 CEST 2016

Alan DeKok wrote on 2016-06-17 17:48:
>> Looking more closely at the code, I wonder why HUP won't close the
>> detail file(s).
>   HUP doesn't cause the modules to be reloaded.  Only modules with the configuration changed will be reloaded.

I thought I can trick FR to do that by touching detail's config file
before sending HUP, but that didn't do anything.

>   You can HUP an individual module.
> $ radmin -e "hup detail"
>   Tho to be honest, I haven't tried that since the exfile code was added.  It might work...

Oh, that would be quite an acceptable workaround for me.

I wanted to try that, but for some strange reason I cannot use the
control socket feature. The servers seems to expect an IP address in the
listener section:

> Server was built with: 
>   accounting               : yes
>   authentication           : yes
>   control-socket           : yes
> Server core libs:
>   freeradius-server        : 3.0.11
>   talloc                   : 2.0.*
>   ssl                      : 1.0.1e release
>   pcre                     : 8.30 2012-02-04
> freeradius: #### Opening IP addresses and Ports ####
> listen {
>  	type = "control"
> /etc/freeradius/sites/control-socket[23]: No address specified in listen section

Config is just the (stripped) default from

listen {
	type = control
	socket = ${run_dir}/${name}.sock

I also tried putting it into my "server default" or in a separate
server, with the same result.

I can add "ipaddr = *" (and some port setting) to make the error go
away, but I will get an udp listener then, so that doesn't work either.
Any hint on how to get this running?


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