detail polling stops after failover

denis den.zinevich at
Tue Jun 28 11:10:58 CEST 2016


I was using freeradius 2.1 for a while, and at some point I had to make
robust proxy accounting solution.
While testing I ran into problem with multiplying Proxy-State, described
Hence I decided to move to 3.0.4 (installed from repo)
I discarded all old configs I had and making setup from scratch, at first
stage trying to make minimum changes in examples.

Now I'm trying to make work/understand following scenario:

- start freeradius with only one upstream servers alive (home1 is alive,
home2 initially dead)
- auth with client (pptp + radiusclient)
- stop alive upstream server (home1 dies, so no server will respond to
   acct data starts to get logged into folder
- then I bring up home1, it's clear from logs that radius server marks it
   but detail polling never goes on, i.e detail files remain on disk
if I restart freeradius it polls detail files immediately and send to

I spent a while trying to debug/understand what's going on, but at this
point I'm stuck, thus asking for help.
configs and log are too long to include in mail, so created gists:
debug log:


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