WINANT, KEVIN KW517G at att.com
Wed May 4 18:34:04 CEST 2016

Hi Folks, On the FreeRadius servers we have inherited, I am trying to locate where LDAP is configured.
Our Servers communicate with an  External Authentication server (companies phone directory for user id/pswd verification) so I know someplace in there the LDAP server is specified and should indicate which port  (389  or 636) it is using.
 FreeRadius doc indicates this is defined in radiusd.conf
In checking radiusd.conf I do not see anything specifying LDAP.
Was thinking would see something similar to this in radiusd.conf:

server = "ldap"
port = 636
#port = 389

SO my question is, is there someplace else where the LDAP server may be configured? Or radius.conf is the place.??
I have poked around in etc/raddb but unable to locate these settings.

Appreciate any information anyone may be able to provide.
Thanks in Advance

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