Virtual server with dedicated database

Lorenzo Milesi maxxer at
Fri May 6 14:34:09 CEST 2016

>  That's a start.  You also need to change all uses of "%{sql:...}" to use the new
>  names.

Yes I found it, I forgot to add it while writing the email

>> I'd like to understand if this is the correct way to go, because I'd rather not
>> duplicate and differentiate the attributes between the two servers.
>> Did I miss something in the configuration, or is this the only way to go?
>  For now, yes.  There may be ways to fix it, but I'd have to take a deeper look.

Oh. Ok, thanks.
When you say "I'd have to take a deeper look" you mean there's a chance not to duplicate all the checks, or that you need to implement a different way of doing it in the (future) code?

thanks again
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