EAP-TLS: Same cert, multiple servers and locations?

Ted Hyde laserted at gmail.com
Fri May 6 23:28:16 CEST 2016

>> Can I use a single common name (ie. myglobalsites) for the certificate set
>> across my entire domain, and simply copy the entire set, (ca/pem/der/p12)
>> from site to site? Does openssl and freeradius together use any hardware
>> info (CPU serial, resolved ip addr, etc) that would cause a copied cert to
>> crash?
> Same server cert across multiple servers is fine.
> The client doesn't see anything about the server when it connects
> to an SSID apart from the certificate, so it has no idea which
> particular server the response came from. Unlike HTTPS etc there's
> no existing network connection and therefore no DNS, so it can't
> even check that the "hostname" it's connecting to is the same as
> the cert name returned.
> Matthew
Matthew - many thanks, exactly the answer I was looking for!


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