Issue with cuisql timing out on FR 3.12

Alex Sharaz alex.sharaz at
Tue May 10 11:59:33 CEST 2016

Got a batch of FR server acting as our ORPS servers, two are FR 3.12 and
two are 2.2.9. FR 3.12b config based upon 2.2.9 config as that;s been
stable and hasn't changed for years.  Fr 2.2.9 just works. With 3.12
however, since I brought them on line I've had problems with accessing  a
mysql CUI table.

There's a scheduled backup of our mysql servers at 4:07 every morning. So
I'm seeing

Tue May 10 04:07:57 2016 : Error: (457308) Ignoring duplicate packet from
client port 61546 - ID: 179 due to unfinished request in
component post-auth module cuisql

and .....

Tue May 10 04:14:14 2016 : Error: rlm_sql (cuisql): No connections
available and at max connection limit
Tue May 10 04:14:14 2016 : Auth: (457515) Rejected in post-auth: [nagios]
(from client systems0 port 0 cli 02-ED-79-28-F8-2A)

So the above is happening because of the mysql backups and hence, every
morning I get text messages saying both eduroam3 & eduroam4 are down ..
which they're not. Guess I could skip the cuisql  statements for the
healthchecks, but that would be cheating  ...

Guess you're going to tell me to fix the mysql database access
.... or is there something I can do to ignore cui stuff while the database
is being backed up?


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