Max-All-Session not present reject

Joaquin Alzola Joaquin.Alzola at
Tue May 24 14:23:45 CEST 2016

Hi Guys,

I have the following output form the radiusd -X:

(0) expired_Xh: WARNING: Couldn't find check attribute, control:Max-All-Session, doing nothing...
(0)     [expired_Xh] = noop  <-- noop here is telling to continue
(The roblem is normal because I have not put it on the DB)

I just want that in case the radius doesn't find the Max-All-Session on the sql server that it will reject the login.

I have try multiple options on the authorize{} with unlang (not an expert on it anyway).

if (&reply:Max-All-Session  == "") {
(of course I have a parsing error)

Just the counter:
sqlcounter expired_Xh {
        sql_module_instance = sql
        #dialect = ${modules.sql.dialect}
        dialect = mysql

        counter_name = Max-All-Session-Time
        check_name = Max-All-Session
        key = User-Name
        reset = never

        $INCLUDE ${modconfdir}/sql/counter/${dialect}/${.:instance}.conf
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