DHCP with static IPs and EAP

Toby Walsh walshtj at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 14:50:30 CET 2016

I'm new to Freeradius. I'm trying to set up a back-end to talk nicely with
a pfSense router and walking through various tutorials and doco pages. I
had EAP working nicely but wanted to use DHCP and assign static IPs to
devices based on MAC stored in either mac2ip or mysql (mostly mysql since
that's what I'm trying to use for config).

I get to a stage where, after following the DHCP tutorial I set
sql_user_name = "%{DHCP-Client-Hardware-Address}". This works for the
purpose of assigning an IP, I assume. But then when FR tries to
authenticate EAP, it uses sql_user_name as a query into the radcheck table
and by that stage sql_user_name has been set to '' (an empty string) by the
EAP process I presume. So my EAP user name is ignored and the
authentication fails.

Do I rewrite the queries to use 'User-name', or is there someone who has
combined DHCP/EAP and has a better method I should use?

Bear in mind I'm new to FR, DHCP, EAP, pretty much all of it and just doing
home networking for fun here so maybe I'm on the wrong track altogether.

Here's sudo freeradius -X that hopefully helps (sorry for the duplicates,
it's quick enough that it tried to login several times before I killed it)


Thanks in advance.

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