Unlang - Adding attribute NAS-Port-Id where response = Access-Accept

Marcos Vinícius marcos.sousa.morais at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 17:52:46 CET 2016

Hello guys,

I need to add attribute NAS-Port-Id and send this attribute with the same
value of attribute UserName. I need to do this, because my accel-ppp needs
attribute NAS-Port-Id to set the values of interfaces when client connect.

I dont want to add this atrribute NAS-Port-Id in all users (mysql), i know
if i do this, the problem is solved. But my freeradius operate together my
ERP, and its terrible to contact the support and request this modification.

I want to rewrite the Access-Accept adding NAS-Port-Id=UserName using

I try to do this, but failed.

Someone help me?

Thanks :)

*Marcos Vinicius*

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