Apple .mobileconfig templates for user devices?

Toby Walsh walshtj at
Sun Nov 13 10:04:18 CET 2016

Does anyone have or can anyone point me in the direction of some good
templates for .mobileconfig templates for authenticating against
Freeradius? While I've deployed my Freeradius server at home
successfully I have a mix of Android, Linux, Windows and Apple clients
to connect and I'm struggling with the last.

Android was super easy. Linux also.

Windows was weird (I had to set it to use Enterprise WPA2 as the
security method, but then way deeper down configure 802.1x settings).

Apple is a monumental PITA. You cannot set up 802.1x without importing
a profile in .mobileconfig format. Apple server versions might have an
easy way to create these from a GUI or else you have to create an XML
file from scratch (or hope that free web configs are good enough). I
don't have Apple server so it's XML editing for me. I've got the full
format specification here:

despite it targeting iPhones (this will be for Macbook Airs). Reading
that full document makes my head hurt and I'm sure I'd screw up part
of the profile anyway and then be hunting ghosts trying to get it

So does anyone have a working template they'd be willing to share,
after redacting the secret information of course?

Not that it's really important (I can modify something if I know it
just about fits my config), but I'm using EAP-PEAP-mschapv2.


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