missing is missing --is-lightweight?

Peter Lambrechtsen peter at crypt.nz
Sun Nov 20 09:58:43 CET 2016

Noticed something pretty minor but thought I might point it out.

When building on Debian on 3.0.x

checking for rusers... /usr/bin/rusers
/freeradius/freeradius-server/missing: Unknown `--is-lightweight' option
Try `/freeradius/freeradius-server/missing --help' for more information
configure: WARNING: 'missing' script is too old or missing
checking for locate... /usr/bin/locate

In the aclocal.m4 is pointing to the script.

# Use eval to expand $SHELL
if eval "$MISSING --is-lightweight"; then
  am_missing_run="$MISSING "
  AC_MSG_WARN(['missing' script is too old or missing])

Meh no biggie.. but if anyone was poking around aclocal or missing it might
be worth sorting.

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