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Sorry for being late.  I am unable to get chance to test it, but before going live, I wanted confirm and make sure from you the below.

I don’t see dialup.conf file anywhere the server. Which you asked me to add in sql.conf (which is actually oraclesql.conf). in raddb. Directory. If I want to add this file, it  should exists??

Where as 

I have "sql" file in /usr/local/freeradius3/etc/raddb /default mods-enabled, since I am using oracle database as backend, seems I need to modify  "sql" file instead  dialup.conf??


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umm, wheres your dialup.conf line in sql.conf? you've butchered the config without knowing what you are doing. the default config works fine for most people once you've just added server/user details

you should have:

	# Read driver-specific configuration
	$INCLUDE sql/${database}/dialup.conf

and in that dial.conf you'll see the bits that populate SQL-User-Name - since you are not including it, SQL-User-Name is not being created 


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