DHCP NAT (and Relay) and Static Addressing based on Option82/Circuit ID

Бен Томпсон b.thompson at latera.ru
Wed Nov 23 07:34:07 CET 2016

> The change you have suggested - where in the many configuration files
> would that go?
> sites-enabled/dhcp

> I have attempted to put it in sites-enabled/dhcp and in
> mods-enabled/preprocess - which parses fine, but essentially seems to do
> nothing. I've removed the if condition in case something was going weird
> there.

Run the server in debug mode (-X) and paste the whole of the output into
and email to this list

What's the difference between the ampersand at the front and not? And using
> ':=' versus '='?

See man unlang. The ampersand was introduced in version 3.0

> OK. When you say 'sql' module, can I have you elaborate a little on that?
> As in modify the SQL module itself or is there something I should be able
> to do leveraging existing functionality?

The main SQL module is normally used for RADIUS authentication. But you can
probably tweak the SQL statements and/or add some unlang to do what you
want. You don't need to edit source code.

However you can also run any random SQL statement and put the output into
an attribute like this:

 update control {
    &Tmp-String-0 := "%{sql:SELECT some_value FROM some_table WHERE mac =

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