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Hello Allan/Mathews, 

Before to go live just I wanted to make sure, please advice below is correct.  Since I don’t have testing environment to test. 

Shall I use the below in oraclesql.conf file 

# Read driver-specific configuration
	$INCLUDE sql/${database}/queries.conf  (where as in quries.conf I have all the database structure, tables and quries. And statements) 


These 4 tables I have in my oracle database,  

authreply_table = "radreply"

    groupcheck_table = "radgroupcheck"
    groupreply_table = "radgroupreply"

    usergroup_table = "usergroup"


Note: Since I don’t have table "radpostauth"  in my database, hence  I commented this in quries.conf and sql. 

Please help. 


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On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 10:12:38AM +0000, A.L.M.Buxey at wrote:
> > I don’t see dialup.conf file anywhere the server. Which you asked me 
> > to add in sql.conf (which is actually oraclesql.conf). in raddb. 
> > Directory. If I want to add this file, it  should exists??
> then your config is butchered beyond help

Looks like it was renamed queries.conf (which makes more sense these days). I missed that one as well... though I don't generally use sql.



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