FreeRADIUS server: Error in testing user access!

Pedro pgteodor at
Mon Nov 28 21:05:11 CET 2016

The destination installation folder is /usr/local/etc/raddb. Everything seems to be Ok after 'make install', except folders mods-enabled and sites-enabled, which are empty!

Right!... My fault in writting, as the correct links are sites-enabled/default, sites-enabled/inner-tunnel, mods-enabled/eap,... 



---- A.L.M.Buxey at escribió ----

>> 	Right ... mods-enabled/ and sites-enabled/ were empty just after the installation process (./configure; make; make install)!
>ummm, what have you done?   are you sure it installed where you think it should have?   never known this process to ever fail
>> 	I've linked manually mods-enabled/default, mods-enabled/inner-tunnel, sites-enabled/eap, ... and the problem is now fixed!
>those paths and names are wrong.  eap is a mods-enabled,   default, inner-tunnel are in sites-enabled ....
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