AW: Logging when radius is live

Poltorak, Paul (CT DD DS EVO O BFD TM&ISEC 1) Paul.Poltorak at
Tue Nov 29 12:23:19 CET 2016

> %{Module-Failure-Message}
> Matthew

Looks good but if i disable the computer object in the active directory the ldap module did not respond to that
linelog show only 
Tue Nov 29 12:02:50 2016: Rejected user: host/      MAC: FF-11-22-33-22-11
Next entry is
Tue Nov 29 12:02:53 2016: Rejected user: ff1122332211   MAC: FF-11-22-33-22-11  No Auth-Type found: rejecting the user via Post-Auth-Type = Reject
Just to know the cisco switch Is configured to dot1x if not then go to MAB if not go to default  vlan 90

So I just would like to know if ldap module fail and when eap module fail both with error messages.
At debug radius -X for ldap module there is this entry is it possible to get this to linelog or sql?
Debug: (3)         [LDAP_1] = notfound 

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