Routing new RFC7542-style realms

Stefan Paetow Stefan.Paetow at
Sun Oct 2 13:32:51 CEST 2016


I'm looking at how to configure FreeRADIUS to be able to handle
RFC7542-style usernames (i.e.
"realhome.realm!username at intermediate.realm"). At the same time, that same
FreeRADIUS server must be able to handle the standard RFC4282 NAI, and
authenticate NAIs that are local to it. The inner identity obviously
remains the standard NAI for the real home realm, unless someone else has
a better idea:

Scenario 1: Outer = username at intermediate.realm. Authenticate locally at
Scenario 2: Outer = realhome.realm!username at intermediate.realm. Route on
to 'realhome.realm'. Authenticate locally at 'realhome.realm'.

Scenario 1 works just fine... But Scenario 2?

I can define a prefix/suffix that works on the bang (!), so I can handle
one or the other... But not both?

Alan D, since RFC7542 is your baby, how do we do this? I'd love to know
this. :-)

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