External, non-RADIUS databases

Anirudh Malhotra 8zero2ops at gmail.com
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Yes you are doing it in a correct way. You can also avoid users from
captive to not able to connect to non captive ssid by using sql.
If (called-station-id =~ /ssid-1/) {
}  .... and so on

On Tuesday 11 October 2016, J Kephart <jkephart at safetynetaccess.com> wrote:

> I have two different FR deployments, one running a MySQL database, the
> other Postgres.  Those are working as they should.  The requirement we
> have is that, on each of them, we need to be able to connect a captive
> portal server so that we can query a non-radius database for a specific
> boolean value that will determine whether or not radius will execute a
> set of instructions.
> Is the process for this as simple as defining the main (radius)
> instance, and then a second instance for the external database (e.g.,
> sql sqlinstance1 { ... }, sql sqlinstance2 { ... }), with the
> appropriate connection information for both, and then changing the sql
> stuff in auth... and accounting sections to use sqlinstance1 for radius
> queries, and sqlinstance2 for the external database?  If I'm reading the
> docs on rlm_mysql correctly, I'm thinking it is, but I just want to
> confirm it, as we've not done anything beyond a basic deployment as yet.
> Thanks for any advice!
> Jim
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