Radtest doesn't work with a clean install of Freeradius 4.0.0

Shabda Raaj shabda.raaj at bankofloyal.com
Fri Oct 28 12:41:29 CEST 2016

I have a clean install of freeradius (FreeRADIUS version 4.0.0 (git
#d9a670c)). I haven't changed any configuration files, the
installation was done by a git checkout and then building it on

I am trying radtest as described here:

radtest test test localhost 0 testing123

This gives me a radclient:: Unknown attribute "User-Name" requires a
hex string, not "test"

I tried a radtest 0x123 test localhost 0 testing123

Which gives me a
Unknown vendor name in attribute name "User-Name"

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