ldap shared object

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Please forgive my ignorance because that was the root cause of all of this. But I did read - every bit I could get my hands on. And I followed all the instructions, but I just missed something along the way.

Daniel Wruck

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On Oct 28, 2016, at 8:35 AM, Daniel Wruck <daniel.wruck at fbchammond.com> wrote:
> I would have loved to had a package to install. But no joy for Ubuntu users.
> "As of March 2016, the Ubuntu repositories contain only version 2 of the server, which is end-of-life."

  That is not an appropriate response.

  Matthew pointed you to a Wiki page which tells you how to build your own package.

> As for this dependency, where in the documentation was this libldap2-dev dependency mentioned?\

  That is also not an appropriate response.

  Matthew pointed you to the Wiki page which contains exactly the documentation you're looking for.

  It is ridiculous to complain about the lack of documentation where you refuse to read the documentation you're given.

  Alan DeKok.

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