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Willy Offermans FreeWilly at
Tue Sep 6 13:26:59 CEST 2016

Dear freeradius friends,

I have the following in the accounting section of my sites-enabled/default 


	if ( request:Asterisk-Unique-ID ) {
		update request {
			Acct-Session-Time := &Asterisk-Bill-Sec
			Called-Station-Id := &Asterisk-Last-Data
			Calling-Station-Id := &Asterisk-Src
			Connect-Info := &Asterisk-Disposition
		#       NAS-Port-Type := "Asterisk CDR"

The data in Asterisk-Last-Data is something like 
SIP/7874338439 at SIPprovider.

I would like to save only the 7874338439 data in Called-Station-Id.

So I need something like a sed or awk command to strip out the right data.
Something equivalent as

`echo 'SIP/7874338439 at SIPProv' | sed 's/[a-Z/@]//g'`

How can this be achieved within freeradius?

Met vriendelijke groeten,
With kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
De jrus wah,


 W.K. Offermans

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