Peter Lesko plesko at
Tue Sep 27 20:34:41 CEST 2016

I'm not sure why I wasn't able to get the p12 certs to work the first time.
I switched to EAP-TTLS and MSCHAPv2 and was able to get everything
configured as expected

Thanks so much for your help Alan, Matthew, and Alan!

On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 1:23 PM Alan Buxey <A.L.M.Buxey at> wrote:

> Not a freeradius issue. Client issue. You will need to ensure that the mac
> had the CA root and any intermediates required installed. The .mobileconfig
> can be populated with these requirements.
> pkcs12 and pem are 'mac-friendliest'
> alan

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