Shared key mismatch

Ondřej Lauer Ondrej.Lauer at
Mon Apr 3 17:49:38 CEST 2017

I have set it on both sides to "x" - is there any way to debug it somehow ? 
I will check it one more time, but only place I can check it is PacketFence 
and it is okay there, so that is why I ask if it is possible to somehow get 
it out of FreeRADIUS.


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Předmět: Re: Shared key mismatch 
"On Apr 3, 2017, at 11:05 AM, Ondřej Lauer <Ondrej.Lauer at> wrote:
> I have a PacketFence set up using FreeRADIUS v. 3.0.13. In PacketFence GUI
> I have set up a RADIUS secret key - a letter "x" for testing purposes, but

> when I try using 
> ...
> Mon Apr 3 17:01:03 2017 : Info: Dropping packet without response because 
> error: Received packet from with invalid Message-Authenticator! 

> (Shared secret is incorrect.)

The shared secret is wrong. Fix it.

Re-start FreeRADIUS after changing the secret.

> The shared key should be the same - is there any way how do debug it on a 
> lower level ?

Look at the packet traces and do the MD5 calculations. In short.. no.

This is cause by one of two issues:

1) the shared secret is wrong (99.999% of the time)

2) one system is calculating MD5 hashes incorrectly

Alan DeKok.

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