user authentication including ingress/egress policing

Marijn van Gool marijn.vangool at
Fri Apr 7 16:53:09 CEST 2017

Hi Matthew,

So, I finally got all the information back from the freeradius server:

Apr  7 12:16:58.908321 Parsing RADIUS message for session-id:283768
Apr  7 12:16:58.908383 radius-access-accept: Framed-IP-Address received:
Apr  7 12:16:58.908440 radius-access-accept: Framed-IP-Netmask received:
Apr  7 12:16:58.908497 radius-access-accept: Ingress-Policy-Name (Juniper-ERX-VSA) received: police-17M
Apr  7 12:16:58.908552 radius-access-accept: Egress-Policy-Name (Juniper-ERX-VSA) received: police-17M

The problem now is that $junos-input-filter and $junos-output-filter are not being substituted by the police-17M, and there is no log saying that anything’s wrong.

Is there a Juniper expert here that could perhaps get me on the right track? I feel i;m very close.

I know this is not a specific RADIUS question? But I need all help there is.


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