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> How do we deal with a situation where a large number of administratively
> distinct realms decide to pool resources and send all requests to the same
> server?  Does every change to the membership list of that group require a
> new certificate to be generated to change the alternative subject names?

Yes. Unless the name is a wildcard name and the new name is already
covered by the wildcard. Which  (in eduroam at least) is probably common
for *.tld proxy servers.

> What does a relay do when it gets a request that DNS says should go up
> an established RADSEC pipe, but that RADSEC pipe does not have a
> x509 alt subject corresponding to that realm... tear down the RADSEC pipe and
> renegotiate it to look for a fresher cert, or is  there an in-band mechanism
> for things such as this tucked away in TLS (a spec which I have very limited
> familiarity with)?

There's (secure) Server/Client-initiated TLS renegotiation (both ways
are possible). That happens inband without tearing down the session.

(and yes, there's also an INsecure variant of this which made the news a
few years back. Don't use that one :-) )


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