Setting up freeradius rlm_rest module

Alan Buxey alan.buxey at
Sat Apr 22 11:54:22 CEST 2017

why are you working/setting up such a hideously old version of Ubuntu?  all
your libraries and toolsets are old - luckily
the EOL for even the longest of LTS is next week!  ;-)

regarding the rest module - all the docs are in the module config (which
can be read eg here

if you use the rest module, simply list it in the required place in your
virtual server config file - eg in authorize ,
the module will then call its 'authorize' section -  which, as you can see
in the module config , is a simple
GET by default.... which includes the various things you want to send to
your web server.... your server then responds
with the required code - all documented in the config.   if you want secure
connection to your server then configure TLS as required.

finally, there is a demo server, written in PERL to help you along.   if
you want to provide a similar basic demo in PHP for the project
then please do so :)


On 22 April 2017 at 07:29, chibwe kapambwe <bwexcyk at> wrote:

> Am a new ubuntu and freeradius user. Have setup freeradius on ubuntu 12,
> currently working fine with mysql db. I would like freeradius to work with
> a php REST API, so that a custom sql schema from the php application is
> used instead of the freeradius one.
> How can this be done? How do I setup the rlm_rest module to work work with
> a php REST API. If anyone could provide me with a step by step instructions
> I will be more than glad.
> -
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