Cisco problems, newbie

James jlm33990 at
Sat Apr 29 17:37:03 CEST 2017

I have a noradius user defined on my cisco switch that is not working properly, cannot login. I'm trying to debug someone else's freeradius setup and unfortunately cannot post config of debug info.So I have a couple of general questions.I have a single freeradius user defined (in users file) that is working properly from cisco perspective.A second user named noradius is defined locally on cisco (not defined in freeradius). Not working.Cisco is configured to check radius first and then locally defined users.When attempting to login as noradius I keep getting password prompts leading me to believe freeradius is not behaving properly, returning fail rather than error. Or some other issue.Questions.Are freeradius users only defined in the users file?If a user is not found in freeradius do I need config file entries to handle that or should the default behavior be sufficient to pass back response to the requestor to try the next auth method?What is SQL used for, i.e. could there be users hidden in sql I'm not seeing?Are there special cisco considerations for freeradius? I suspect not since it's handling my primary user properly.Thanks.-Jimp.s. if I disable radius on the switch I can login to noradius

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