Freeradius 3 sql not working with nas entries in nas table

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Dec 1 14:55:35 CET 2017

On Nov 30, 2017, at 11:23 PM, .h <h at> wrote:
> no worries, I know what a NAS is.

  It's not clear if you're trolling the list, or if you're just not paying attention.

  What *is* clear is that you're not reading my messages, and you're not reading the documentation I point you to.

> I’m using freeradius for quite a while, but not the sql version.

  So you know what a virtual server is, right?

  Clearly not.

> I was able to transfer every setting to sql except the clients.conf.
> in the former config adding a new client was simple by adding a section to clients.conf, i.e.:
> client client_xyz {
>      ipaddr          =
>      secret          = secret
> }
> Now adding a line into the nas table is not giving me the same result.
> +----+-----------+-----------+-------+-------+------------+-----------+-----------+-------------------------+
> | id | nasname   | shortname | type  | ports | secret     | server    | community | description             |
> +----+-----------+-----------+-------+-------+------------+-----------+-----------+-------------------------+
> |  1 | | localhost | other |  NULL | testing123 | localhost | NULL      | localhost RADIUS Client |
> +----+-----------+-----------+-------+-------+------------+-----------+-----------+-------------------------+
> This is whats unclear to me.

  Despite me explaining multiple times?  And telling you EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO PUT INTO THE "SERVER" FIELD?

  How is there any confusion?

> what is the easiest way to transfer all clients from .conf to sql?

  Read the documentation and follow instructions.

  Since you clearly can't do that, I'm done.  Go back and read my messages until you understand what you're missing.

  Alan DeKok.

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