Problem or a question !?

Ariel García Reyes ariel100cfg at
Fri Dec 1 17:11:42 CET 2017

We have a problem or a question !?

We are connecting several cell phones through 3g, our provider is routing
us through an APN to a FreeRadius server that we are managing through
RadiusDesk, but we would like to know how to obtain the information about
the traffic that is generated by the clients in our server in a period of
shorter time

There is some way to force from our FreeRadius so that when the client
(cellular) authenticates we can get traffic information periodically every
5 minutes for example.

I have read and I know that there is a variable (Acct-Interim-Interval)
that has or plays an important role, but we do not know how to use it!

The configuration of the delivery time of the traffic information is
configured in the ISP NAS or can we manage it in our server in some other

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