Multiple authorize methods with python module

Gary Gwin garygwin at
Mon Dec 4 23:03:25 CET 2017

I need two distinct python module authorize methods. One for client
authentication with the dynamic_clients virtual server and the other for
user authorization in the default virtual server. I can detect state in a
single python authorize method using various RADIUS request variables, but
that seems fragile. What I'd really like is a way to use a different python
authorize method for each the of the dynamci_clients and default virtual

Have had no luck configuring and referencing unique instance names as
suggested in radiusd.conf:

        #       python mypython1 {
        #               config_item = value
        #               ...
        #       }

        #       python mypython2 {
        #               config_item = value
        #               ...
        #       }

I've tried various other configuration options.

Is this possible? If yes, what needs to be done?



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