eap-sim configuration

Carlos Bordon cgermanb at live.com.ar
Tue Dec 5 17:55:51 CET 2017

hi i need help,

i configure ntlm_auth for works with ad, but i need some guide for do authorization with ldap for check groups and give vlans.

I try to sent mails to the list, but always refuse.


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On Nov 30, 2017, at 1:12 PM, Josh toal <joshtoal17 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Installed freeradius 3.X and did basic configuration with the access point
> and it works.
> Now I am trying to do configuration for eap-sim authentication. I have the
> SIM credentials.
> Can somebody help me in understanding configuration required to implement
> eap-sim based authentication .

  That's not a simple thing... EAP-SIM is weird and bizarre.  Historically it hasn't been well tested in FreeRADIUS.

  The good news is that I've fixed things up in the v3.0.x branch, which will soon by 3.0.16.  So you should really use that branch from github.

  You can then add this in raddb/mods-config/files/authorize:

bob     EAP-SIM-Ki := 0xabcdef...

  Replace the hex digits with the actual value of the Ki key.

  And you can run radeapclient with the following input file as "sim.txt"

User-Name := "bob"
EAP-Code = Response
EAP-Type-Identity = "bob"
EAP-SIM-Ki = 0xabcdef...

  With the same Ki, of course.

  Then do:

$ radeapclient -f sim.txt localhost  auth testing123

  and it should work.

  Older versions of radeapclient required the SIM triplets, which meant you could only test it once.  That's annoying.

  Alan DeKok.

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