Nas-IP-Address regexp matching in hints/huntgroups working in 2.2.0 and not in 3.0.13

Gianni Costanzi gianni.costanzi at
Wed Dec 6 17:39:55 CET 2017

>   The point is that the "hints" and "huntgroups" file format is 25 years
> old.  They shouldn't really be used by more.
>   v3 has so much more functionality in "unlang" that it's usually better
> to just use that.
>   Alan DeKok

You’re right, I’ll try to find the time to learn about unlang and
understand where I should implement the wanted behavior.. I’m in a hurry
with this activity and the first step was trying to make it work with the
old Conf. I think it should not be a problem to do user manipulation with
unlang instead of hints file, but I can I also set hunt groups with unlang
in order to be able to match them within the users file? Btw huntgroups
Management without regexps is not a big problem for us due to the small
number of entries defined.


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