Bring your own CERT for TLS EAP using FreeRadius

Matthew Newton mcn at
Thu Dec 7 18:30:36 CET 2017

On Thu, 2017-12-07 at 11:26 -0600, Michael Duckett wrote:
> I want to use FreeRadius for 802.1x authentication.  I have a cert
> that's
> provided by an equipment manufacturer which I need to
> "install"/import into
> FR.  Can someone point me to documentation to accomplish this?  I
> don't
> want to generate a cert.  I want to import key/cert, etc provided by
> the
> equipment manufacturer.

The eap module config contains the filenames of the certificate &
private key etc. So either put the key/cert where the config already
points (in raddb/certs/...) or change the config to point to the
location of the key & cert.

There's no magic. The server just loads the certificate from the files
it's told to.


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