winbindd_priv dont exist

Carlos Bordon cgermanb at
Tue Dec 12 17:58:31 CET 2017


i start from the begin again but with ldap, i am stuck with this error:

  [ldap] ldap_get_conn: Checking Id: 0
  [ldap] ldap_get_conn: Got Id: 0
  [ldap] attempting LDAP reconnection
  [ldap] closing existing LDAP connection
  [ldap] (re)connect to, authentication 0
  [ldap] bind as / to
  [ldap] waiting for bind result ...
  [ldap] Bind was successful
  [ldap] performing search in dc=***,dc=***, with filter (uid=charly)
WARNING: Please set 'chase_referrals=yes' and 'rebind=yes'
WARNING: See the ldap module configuration for details
  [ldap] ldap_search() failed: Operations error

i search in google but nothing works.


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Asunto: Re: winbindd_priv dont exist

On Mon, 2017-12-11 at 19:37 +0000, Carlos Bordon wrote:
> but, support 802.1x? i want take groups for AD to assign vlans, it is
> possible with winbind?

Use the LDAP module, it's the best way with AD.


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