Vieri rentorbuy at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 15 08:18:37 CET 2017

From: Alan DeKok <aland at deployingradius.com>
>  In contrast, Microsoft gives you no source, no debug, and no access to developers.

>  Don't say that both client and server are blaming each other.  That implies that *I'm* lying to you 

> when I tell you what's going on.  It implies that FreeRADIUS is lying to you, too.>

>  You're making these statements here because you can't make them to Microsoft.  Well, that's not my 

> problem.  Go ask Microsoft how their crappy software works, and how to fix it.>
>  I'm trying to help you, and you don't believe me.  You're free to go elsewhere.

Alan, believe me if I tell you I greatly appreciate your work, as well as all the devs behind OSS. I've been an OSS user for decades now, and I already used FreeRadius several years ago in another project. Recently, I've taken up another project, and I didn't hesitate one single second when choosing FR for a Radius implementation.

The fact that I'm tackling with Microsft Windows clients is neither my fault nor my requirement. I'm not responsible for choosing the clients. If I were, I'd go for totaly different systems. Just so you know, I've always confronted people who wanted to implement say, a Microsoft Radius server implementation, so that they would finally accept using FreeRadius. And that's just one example...

Anyway, I'm used to your comments so I won't take it personally :-). This goes way back. I've always known you like this. A tad obnoxious, but a formidable developer, a great help on the ML, and absolutely never ever a liar. 

I hope you don't mind if I stick around for a few more decades (or as much as I can last).


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