error when adding Primary-DNS

J E H A N Z A I B jehanzaib.kiani at
Mon Dec 18 22:14:04 CET 2017

Hi team,

I am getting below error when I add in my radgroupreply . I am using other
parameter like Framed-Pool and its working fine. Anyidea what it could be ?

| 5 | testgroup  | Primary-DNS                  | :=  | xx.xx.xx.xx

(80) sql: Executing select query: SELECT id, groupname, attribute, value,
op FROM radgroupreply WHERE groupname ='testgroup' ORDER BY id
(80) sql: ERROR: Failed to create the pair: Unknown name "Primary-DNS"
(80) sql: ERROR: Error parsing user data from database result
(80) sql: ERROR: Error retrieving reply pairs for group testgroup


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