error when adding Primary-DNS

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Dec 18 22:41:06 CET 2017

On Dec 18, 2017, at 4:35 PM, J E H A N Z A I B <jehanzaib.kiani at> wrote:
> Not inventing, I am reading the guide from Juniper website.

  Juniper is not the same as FreeRADIUS.

  The Juniper documentation assumes you're using the Juniper RADIUS server.

> Primary-DNS and Secondary-DNS are supported by Junos.

  That's nice.  FreeRADIUS doesn't use the Juniper names, because most vendors use horrible names, and they conflict with each other.

> do you think I should add into dictionary ?

 Don't edit the dictionaries.

 Read the "" file.  Look for similar names:

ATTRIBUTE	Juniper-Primary-Dns			31	ipaddr

  And use those names.

  Alan DeKok.

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