Upgrading to FreeRADIUS-3.x

kiran kumar kirankumar9856 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 14:39:35 CET 2017


We are upgrading FreeRADIUS from 2.x to 3.x, during our work around with
FreeRADIUS-2.x we have created modules in c/c++. Now we need to update
these modules as per FR-3.x standards but modules created in c++ code do
not get compiled (with below errors) even after re-structuring the module
as FR3.x standards.

/usr/include/freeradius/libradius.h:190:25: error: '<anonymous>' declared
as a 'virtual' field
  unsigned int virtual : 1;    //!< for dynamic expansion
/usr/include/freeradius/libradius.h:612:64: error: expected ',' or '...'
before 'new'
 VALUE_PAIR *fr_cursor_replace(vp_cursor_t *cursor, VALUE_PAIR *new);
In file included from rlm_attrefvnf_auth_status_monitor.cpp:3:0:
/usr/include/freeradius/modules.h:67:19: error: expected unqualified-id
before 'typename'
  char const      *typename; //!< Type name e.g. "Auth-Type".
/usr/include/freeradius/modules.h:67:18: error: expected ';' at end of
member declaration
  char const      *typename; //!< Type name e.g. "Auth-Type".
/usr/include/freeradius/modules.h:67:27: error: expected
nested-name-specifier before ';' token
  char const      *typename; //!< Type name e.g. "Auth-Type".

Is it high necessary that FR-3.x modules are to be written only in c-code ?
Is there any way to overcome this issue ?


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