SQL module - merging radcheck/radreply

Maxime Gerges maxime.gerges at ariane.network
Wed Dec 20 15:48:35 CET 2017

Hello folks,

I have some quick questions regarding the freeradius SQL module and the 
different implemented tables.

As far as I know these are the tables defined in the default SQL schema 
for freeradius :

  - radcheck : attributes in this table are only internal to freeradius 
and not used in the radius reply (confirm ?)
  - radreply : attributes in this table are used as reply attributes 
sent to the NAS
  - radgroupcheck : same as radcheck only for groups
  - radgroupreply : same as radreply only for groups

Would it be possible to merge both tables (radcheck & radreply or 
radgroupcheck & radgroureply) as the attributes in radcheck would 
already be considered as internal and not send in the reply according to 
their VSA number ? As far as I know these internal attributes (located 
in radcheck) are considered control attributes when their VSA number is 
1000+, and placed in the corresponding chain after being extracted from 
the database.

 From your point of you, does it make sense to merge both table ?

Thanks for your clarification.


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