Using Run-time variables in SQL radreply table

Alex D. listensammler at
Wed Dec 20 23:01:28 CET 2017

Hi Alan,
thanks for your quick reply.
>    You should really use v3.  Especially if it's a lab system.
>    Or if you need v2, use 2.2.10.  There's just no reason to use 2.1.8 from a decade ago.
Okay. I will upgrade my lab system soon.
On our production system, we us 2.2.9. I have to talk with our IT guys 
for upgrade.
>    There's no "sql authentication module".
>    Do you mean using SQL instead of the "users" file?
Yes, you're right of course. I expressed myself wrong...

> there a possibility to use run-time variables in SQL radreply table or is there another module i can use to reach my goal ?
>    Upgrade to v3.  This expansion will just work.
>    It's one of the things we fixed in the last 10 years...
If we need to stay on v2, is there no workaround ?


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