AW: After Upgrade from freeradius 2 to 3 (Debian 8 - 9): TLS Alert write:fatal:unsupported certificate

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i can not export an new ca infrastructure on one time, because it will be have to many phone clients, there lost the connection!.

My Idea is, that we ignore all client certificates (server certificate sending will be ok) for the time we published the new certificates on all cisco clients. 

At the moment, i configures Auth-Type = eap8021xciscophone in my database and eap8021xciscophone is configured as ttls including this wrong ca infrastructure. 

So, on which part I can send the accept to the switch, without check the client certificate and ca?? The autorize prozess is correctly done.


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> is there a possible way, to ignore all certificates in ttls and send an accept??

paraphrased, you ask "Is there a way to throw overboard all security, and to make my users susceptible to MITM attacks?"

Surprisingly, the answer is "Yes, that's the default behaviour." A non-configured supplicant will typically accept all certificates thrown at it, at best with a UI question like "Do you think that cert is okay?"

That's a client-side problem though - FreeRADIUS always needs to *send* a server certificate.


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