Help for buy a real Cert (not self-signed)

Spider s spidersoftware at
Wed Feb 1 11:01:18 CET 2017

Hello, thank you for you advise, but the problem is that i use active
directory for auth, but olds printers and AP cant install the certs. I need
a solution for the users and dont need install the cert if possible. I
dont know
if i can use a auto signed from the active directoy server and dont
need install
certs, because is it inherited.

I am not lazy to install certs, is a problem for easy usage of users and
full compatibility.

Thank you for you time.

On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 12:51 PM, Spider s <spidersoftware at> wrote:

> Hello, I have got a few questions about radius and buy an original
> Certificate.
> Firsts thank you for the help here, but I can’t find an option for search
> on all post, is this possible ?? only find this:
> For example only can find post from this mount
> 2017-January/thread.html
> Is for don’t disturb with my questions is are answered, sorry.
> And now my questions, first I have got running my freeradius installation
> 3.10 on ubuntu) with AD Auth, but with limitations, because I need install
> my self-signed cert on all device for connect to wifi.
> I don’t want this (I don’t want install the certs), and I need buy a real
> cert for a real CA, I know ,but I never buy one for this. (I never buy a
> certfor radius, web or similar)
> I need buy a real cert, where I can buy ?? recommendations webs??
> And witch type ??  I see a lot of certs, and I don’t know the
> certification specification.( a lot of prices and options) Please a direct
> links if possible to correct cert.
> I never buy an original cert and I don’t know process. When I receive the
> certificates is like certs on the folder?? Need change data??? How can
> use this certs on my radius install?? Are 3, 5, 20 files ???? where i can
> find info about this ?? (On docs i reffer)
> Need a domain for this ?? can i use the cert from a Web (typical ssl cert
> that is used for web??
> I see a lot of info on internet for use self-signed cert, but I can’t find
> info on documentations or on my Ubuntu install when use real certs. (Is
> very  possible I don’t find)
> Thank you for your time when you read me, and sorry if a newbie questions.
> Thank you in advanced, i dont want confuse with this and spend money with
> this.

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